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Monday, 14 December 2009


Thursday, 10 December 2009


where do i start? i missed you guys!! it's been a minute! i got so much to let you in on! WHERE DO I BEGIN??????

-ok for starters! the reason why i've been O.T.?
main reason is because i lent my computer to a certain pal of mine that goes by the name of T.E.1. He had it for a while dealing with his mixes for his upcoming house project. You go boy!!!

and secondly my girls computer is shit!!! it didn't even pick up the blog LOL!

- So whats been popping in the mean time?
well let me start with THE SONNY CARSON BEAT CD!

if your one of those cats in the know then you might have seen one of us giving out this cd already (but lets be honest, you gotta know deep to know we were doing this we never told any1 till now)

but any Lucchi, Omega and myself did a hole CD of beats based on a film called the education of Sonny Carson! we did it relatively quickly dam near 30 altogether and Lucchi and omega keep doing more. so i gotta do the hole mix again. (hey, dirty job.....!)

we got some CD'S printed with some killer artwork provided by omega and we hit the strip!!! but we ran out real quick so i need to get some more CD's. As soon as i get new ones we gonna be back on the strip again!!! at an artist performance hopefully near you!!

Ok what else i hear you ask? well allow me to explain more.

Omega gave me his list of things he wants to put out on this blog................. O!!!

wouldn't you like to know LOL!! Don't lie!!!! all in due time babies!!! as you've seen Lucchi coming thru with something fresh for ya!! boy! THATS WHATS UP!!!

As for me.......

well for starter i just got given a gig from octavia for their new upcoming short films. gotta make music for em. Thats gonna be tuff i feel because they are asking for alot. but i feel i can deal.

Iron Braydz album is coming out next year Devil May Cry! I'm on there, be aware!!!
he called me the New Generation! a title that fits me well! i would go as far as to say that i am by myself a hole new world. HA!!

Anyway back to the group!!

the next beat tape from conversations that me and Omega been having recently is called the OMEGA MAN!!! keep that in mind! But for the time being it's all SONNY CARSON baby!!!!


i'm gonna put the mix up on this soon!!