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Sunday, 28 February 2010

BIG Shout Out to TE1 Productions!!! If you don't know get involved!!!


Whats good folk!? Anyway listen if you haven't already heard? Make sure you checkout our family member TE1, you can find him on myspace,twitter, blogger and many more online formats! Renowned for his soulful ambient Hip hop sound, in regard to his past InnateSounds release with Miles Bonny titled "Closer Love"... Which I most add was a global underground and fore-front smash for the neo soul scene.

Get to know right HERE
4AM - Phase One feat. Tess by te1productions

With many more release on the way, TE1 is most definitely ONE to look out for.

WE salute you brother!!!

P.S make sure you (officially) go buy Miles Bonny's NEW ALBUM "INCENSE & WINE" which features TEl productions holding it down behind the track called "ON IMPULSE"

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I believe

I believe in courage. I believe in forward momentum. I'm a strong believer in appropriate actions for the appropriate time. My question to the world is.......... who listens? lets just assume for a second, that no one does. Then why should i watch my mouth? The freest time in a career is at the start and at the end (i believe) and because of that i will continue my barrage.