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Thursday, 10 September 2009

beat making and the void

whats up people?

so i have been going thru a beat making slump like crazy. i have been trying to get it up for a long time now but to no avail. But what exactly does it mean when you go into a slump or the void as i like to call it now? what does it mean?

could it mean that your own ideas are boring?

could it mean that you are actually bored of the process?

could it be your just not assed to do it?

could it be that your not hearing anything in your head so.........'fuck it!'

if you are a player of instruments, your not hitting the right chords you wanna hear to writhe that song?

maybe (if your a sampler) your just not assed to chop up the sample any more?

what is it really?

i got to thinking what it may be with me when i just got finished trying to make a beat and fucking failed miserably.

i tried hitting those chords, nothing came out at all. tried going thru the sample banks and i didn't hear shit. So what do i think it is with me then at the moment?

well i guess i'm just not assed to do it at the moment, but also i would assume that i am kinda bored of my ideas (if you have ever heard of such a thing.) See i am the type of person to out think myself in terms of music as you will soon realize. I need to always out do myself, it's sorta like a self competition thing. So if something isn't to the standard it gets the 'CHOP' that simple.

But hey just a little word about THE VOID!!!

PROPA (or Ty either 1)