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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The month of the man!!!! october child rises!!!

in october i got some interesting things for you!!

1) first off i got a jazz funk mix popping off!! FELA KUTI vs JAMES BROWN!!!

i always thought that Fela was the african version of James but a bit more political. Well we are gonna find out a few things when that services!!

2) Also you will get a new beat mix from myself!

don't whats gonna go on that yet, but with me you gonna realize that i like to surprise people with my output. it might not be hip hop at all!!

3) it's my birthday in october and bare people told me their coming thru!

i'm djing at my yard! so expect so videos of me sweating cos it's too dam hot in my house, drunk cos i drank to much and also expect to hear the mix i did that night as i will post it on the blog!!!

i'm bricking that tho cos i am only playing music my people have made and i wanna make sure i include everything old and new!!!

stay tuned true believers! it's gonna get LIVE!!!!