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Wednesday, 28 October 2009


There is a lot of balloons that require popping. I truly believe this saying ' WHEN YOU ARE TRULY DIFFERENT YOU ARE IGNORED AND SHUNED!' Thats not good news for people like me! The truth is always been treated the same way, BRUTALLY! If you truly do NEXT SHIT, you'll know, simply by how many people that choose to go on like you don't know you exist. And that my friends is the sad truth! Unfortunately, me and the people i move on a day to day basis with go thru this all the time. It is my belief that the music i hear about three of my real friends make is truly different, now people know that this music is made and it inspires them they would openly admit it to us, but in terms of admitting it to each other? I don't believe it happens. Kinda reminds me of what my cousin M.E. said in a verse he did 'BRING INS ARE NOT GIVEN AT ALL!'

for a long time i didn't believe that statement

But now i've grown up a bit....... i know that it is true. What i have learned about musicians is that they love the sound of there own voice, they also have the gift of the silver tongue. The mark of a great musician but also of a fucking LIAR!!!

things is happening tho! me and my dearest of friends choose to make our own outlet fuck everybody else.