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Friday, 2 October 2009

The October child rises!! The time has come!!!!

Peace people as you know the month of the man is here!!!!

This my month!! so i am gonna try and make it a month long celebration!!! i already told you about certain things that is coming up from me this month

but i got 1 more surprise for you!!!

me and the folks had an original plan of how we were gonna release beat tapes on this portal to you!! it wasn't going to pop off just yet!

but as i am feeling in a jubilant mood!! i have spoken to everybody in the camp to try to excelerate the original plan,...... and they agreed. so verryy verrrry verry soon, in addition to all the things i am going to be putting up The long awaited Transformers beat cd will be coming!! complete with track-listing and art work!!

Thats whats up motherfucker!!!!!